Non Plant Ideas For Planters

Non Plant Ideas For Planters. Curry plant, catmint and sea holly. What you plant in your window box is totally up to you.

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Curry plant, catmint and sea holly. You can keep these plants indoors or outdoors in a spot that doesn’t receive direct intense sunlight all day long. Clean out your garage, look in the garden, poke around in the shed or garage sale and you’re sure to find some useful items that can be repurposed as planters.

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Clean Out Your Garage, Look In The Garden, Poke Around In The Shed Or Garage Sale And You’re Sure To Find Some Useful Items That Can Be Repurposed As Planters.

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This is a tough combo that will withstand the elements. Remember, your outdoors will be one of the first things people will notice and will reflect your personality too! You can purchase window box planters at a home improvement or gardening store, or make your own (here’s a handy tutorial).

It Will Quickly Grow Outside Your Planter And Trail Along The Space Adding Visual Interest.

First, spray paint the pot a nice color to match the color of the room, says monique capanelli, principal designer with articulture designs in austin, texas. Canna, dahlia, salvia, ipomoea, zinnia, osteospermum, verbena, petunia, calibrachoa. Lantana grows in zones 11 and 12.

You Can Keep These Plants Indoors Or Outdoors In A Spot That Doesn’t Receive Direct Intense Sunlight All Day Long.

This plant can easily be pruned. Make sure there's a hole in the bottom of your pot so plants don't drown, and read the tag or talk to the nursery to learn which plants do well in your specific conditions, such as full sun or shade. You can never have too many planters.

Japanese Bird Nest Fern, Begonia, And Ivy.

You can place large pots or a series of small pots. Place artificial plants or trees in your planters on your porch or inside your home. Adding a birdcage planter to your garden is a great idea.

What You Plant In Your Window Box Is Totally Up To You.

Well, baby cakes is a dwarf blackberry without thorns. Corners are great spaces for potted plants and flowers. They form the pillars of the patio or deck space.